We are able to deliver products in the whole mainland China, excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao two special administrative regions. Once the delivery process starts, LIFEMALL’s system will update the logistics information in your account, therefore you will be able to track the delivery status on the page of “ACCOUNT”, then “ORDERS”.

Products from “Fashion”, “Beauty”, “Interiors” and “Medicare” categories are delivered by EMS, Shunfeng Express and DHL. The shipping cost of the product(s) includes the originating location to the delivery location you specify.

1. EMS and Shunfeng Express

LIFEMALL delivery in mainland China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions) will be performed by EMS or ShunFeng Express (hereinafter referred to as “Logistics Companies”). Logistics Companies offer insurance services in relation to the products. The insured amount can be selected based on the actual value of the item you ordered.

In case a non-insured product is lost or damaged by the Logistics Companies, you will be compensated according to the actual price of the products shipped, and maximum up to twice of the logistics fee; while the compensation for insured products is maximum up to the insured amount.

Due to the fault of the logistics companies, if the insured product is entirely lost or damaged, compensation will be up to the total insured amount. If the product is partially lost or damaged, compensation amount will be paid according to the actual loss value. In any case, the compensation will not exceed the insured amount.

The Logistics Companies’ insurance charge is based on the products’ insured value, and declare the declared value according to the actual price of the goods being shipped.
The domestic economic express insured amount is limited to a maximum of RMB 20,000 per piece, and the insurance premium is charged at 1% of the insured amount, and the minimum fee is RMB1 per piece. If you are compensated for the product’s actual price or insured value, you agree to transfer the ownership of the product and right for claim indemnity to the Logistic Companies or LIFEMALL.

In the following cases, LIFEMALL and the Logistics Companies will not bear any liability for compensation:
(1) in case of loss, delay or damage to the goods delivered due to force majeure accidents; or the file is damaged due to a force majeure accidents, and it is impossible to trace it, and there is no other evidence to determine the responsibility (except for the insured items).
(2) the products delivered at the time of delivery are well packed, there are no signs of dismantling, and the procedures are properly completed according to the regulations. Afterwards, the recipient find that the contents are short or damaged.
(3) in case the product delivered is damaged or lost, the recipient fails to immediately report to LIFEMALL and/or the Logistics Companies, and fail to request for compensation within 7 days after receiving of the product.
(4) When the product(s) is delivered at the shipping address, before you sign the receipt, please check carefully if the outer packaging is intact, if any product/part missing, or if any product/part damaged during the transportation. If no such problems are detected, you can sign the delivery receipt provided by the Logistic Companies. On the other hand, if you find any of such problems in relation to the delivery of your product(s), you shall refuse to accept the delivery and report the problem on the spot to the relevant courier. The courier shall carry out relevant check and issue you a written acceptance form regarding the refusal. Please remember to take clear pictures of the relevant problems.

In addition, within 24 hours of receiving the products delivered, please write to [email protected] to inform us of the problem. OR click at the “ACCOUNT”, “ORDERS”, “VIEW” and “RETURN”. Please choose “Quality Problem” and specify the logistics problem, then upload the pictures with the written acceptance form of the refusal from the courier. Finally, click on “CONTINUE” to submit your request. You will be receiving an email from LIFEMALL providing you with a RMA number (Return Material Authorization). Please follow the instructions under 1.5 Returns Process of the RETURNS & REFUNDS to complete the Returns process and get your refund.

Within the above terms and conditions, you agree that at the time of the delivery, you don’t duly or timely inspect the product(s) and duly report the occurrence of any of the above mentioned problems to the Logistic Companies and LIFEMALL, your claim in respect will not be accepted, and the Logistic Companies and LIFEMALL will NOT accept or bear responsibilities for such loss or damage.

If there is any defect to product(s), please refer to RETURNS & REFUNDS on our website/mobile application.

2. DHL Express

Products listed in “Fashion”, “Beauty”, “Interiors”, “Medicare” and “Bridal” (coming soon) categories, we can deliver your order once our brand suppliers confirm your order and after you complete the payment. Delivery arrival time may be slightly long due to the international logistics and distribution cycle. Delivery arrival time is estimated in 3-15 working days after the order is placed and the relevant payment has been duly made. In case of customs inspection, more time will be needed, we thank you for the understanding in advance. The products will be delivered from 9 am to 5pm, Monday to Sunday (except national holidays).


DHL provides LIFEMALL’s customers with insurance coverage for the shipment of the product(s) you order on our website/mobile application. The insurance premiums shall be borne by yourself and will be indicated together with product price in your order. The coverage of the insurance is effective as soon as the shipment is dispatched from the place of origin and is valid until the shipment is delivered to the address you have previously indicated in your order. At this point, the responsibility for the products to be delivered will be transferred to you. When you receive the product(s), you will be required to sign a receipt to confirm that you have successfully received all the products. In case you are not the recipient (for example, if the product is a gift sent to someone else other than you), the actual recipient is deemed to have your authorization to sign on your behalf on the receipt of the product. If the recipient receives the product(s) and has signed the DHL related documents, it will be deemed that DHL has successfully delivered and fulfilled the obligations, and the responsibility for the purchased products will be transferred to you at the same time.

DHL charges 1% as the insurance premium and the minimum insurance charge is RMB138.70.

3. Track Logistics Progress

When you have completed all the steps of the order, you will receive a confirmation email from LIFEMALL. If we encounter special circumstances while processing your order, we will explain it to you by email and may ask for more information.

In order to facilitate your inquiry of logistics information and customs clearance progress, please check the logistics information on your “ORDER” page. You can also log in to ShunFeng Express, DHL, EMS, and use the tracking number to view or track your order status.

4. Disclaimer on Limitation of Liabilities for Delays

(1) Any product dispatched from outside of mainland China is delivered by third party logistics companies to your address. The logistics companies will handle import and custom clearance procedures related to your products according to the relevant applicable laws. LIFEMALL is not liable for delays due to customs clearance or payment issues. To facilitate a smooth customs clearance and your products are delivered to your hands during the normal period (3-15 days), please upload your identity card or a valid passport personal data page under “MY BAG”, then “PERSONAL INFORMATION”.
(2) If the order has been sent from the place of purchase but has not arrived within the normal period (3-15 days), you must notify us within 15 days. Once 15 days have passed, we cannot guarantee a refund for you.
(3) Delivery arrival time may be longer for places that are not deemed 1st tier or 2nd tier cities, such as counties, towns or villages. Delivery arrival time is estimated from the moment when the order product(s) are shipped out. The delivery time is only for reference and non-committed time, does not include possible delays due to customs clearance procedures and/or transportation delays.
(4) The delivery method of certain valuable products such as jewelry, watch of more than 5,000 Swiss francs, our LIFEMALL customer service staff will confirm with you offline.
(5) LIFEMALL has been working closely with our designated third-party logistics companies and is committed to providing the best service to our customers. We do our best to minimize the inconvenience caused by possible delays in delivery time. However, delays due to certain special reasons/circumstances (for instance, failure to receive changes and policy implementations of new customs procedures and formalities) are not within our control. The foreseen delivery arrival time that we provide you is not a warranty but only an estimation and therefore LIFEMALL will NOT bear any responsibility for any loss caused by delays in the delivery of your product(s).
(6) We are unable to deliver your product(s) to PO Box or community mailbox. If you would like to change your shipping address after placing your order, please contact our customer service at [email protected] If you are unable to receive your products at the shipping address, our designated logistics companies will resend it to you. If they are unable to re-deliver successfully, LIFEMALL will handle your ordered product(s) as Returns. Returns will be handled with reference to our RETURNS & REFUNDS policy.