The detailed shopping procedures and guidelines are available on this “HOW TO SHOP” section and aim at making your shopping experience more convenient and comfortable. As a first time shopper on our website/mobile application, we recommend you to read this guideline before you start shopping.

1. Registration

Firstly, in order to use the services and functions on our website/mobile application, please complete the registration procedure to become a registered member of our website/mobile application. You are required to provide your personal information that shall be true, accurate, valid and complete. We will gurantee the security of your information. Should any of your registered personal information changes, please update it in the “ACCOUNT/PERSONAL INFORMATION” or notify our customer service at [email protected].

To ensure the security of the log-in to your account, please choose a unique password consisting of at least 6 characters (digits and letters). Please note that the log-in password and the payment password cannot be the same. Should you encounter any problem with your account, please contact our customer service immediately at [email protected].

Please refer to LIFEMALL’s Privacy Policy and COOKIES Policy for further details on the protection and usage of your personal information.

2. Shopping Process

(1) You can search for products either by brand lists or by the following categories: Beauty, Fashion, Interior, Medicare, Bridal, Luxury Transportation, Elite Education, Collectables, Customised Services and Wealth Management (coming soon).

By clicking on the available categories in homepage, you will be able to see a subcategory list from which you would have the access to your desired products/services. By clicking on the brand name, you will come to the specific brand page and be able to navigate and choose amongst the available products/services.

(2) Once you find the product/service that you wish to purchase, please select the product/service and the relevant available options (e.g. quantity, size, colour, material and usage etc.). When you finish with all selections, please click at “ADD TO BAG” at the bottom of the product page.

(3) By clicking at the “My Bag” icon on the top right corner of the page, you will be able to view all your selected products and services. You are able to change the quantity, the size or the colour of your selected product directly on this page.
  • Click at “DELETE” icon, you could remove the selected product/service from “MY BAG”.
  • Click at “WISH LIST” icon, you could move the selected product/service from “MY BAG” to “WISH LIST”, to be purchased later.
  • Click at “ADD PRODUCTS”, you will be able to return to the last visited product page to continue your shopping.
  • After you finish all your operations on “MY BAG” page, please click at “CONFIRM”, to confirm your order.
  • We recommend you to register your account before you proceed with your purchase.
  • (4) To respect the time spent on purchase of all customers, orders that have not been paid can only be retained for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled. If you need to purchase the same products/services, you must repeat the order process. In case a product is out of stock, you may click at “INFORM ME WHEN AVAILABLE” at the product page, in order for us to notify you as soon as the product becomes available.

    (5) On the “MY BAG” page, please click at “CONFIRM” to go to “PERSONAL INFORMATION” page where you will be able to confirm or edit the shipping address. If you have special requests about the delivery, please click at “SPECIAL REQUEST” to leave your comments. If you have not yet uploaded your identity card or a valid passport personal data page, please do it now.

    (6) Once you have completed all the information required on the “PERSONAL INFORMATION” regarding your order, please click at “CONFIRM”, and it leads you to “CHECK OUT” page. On the “CHECK OUT” page, you will be able to view your order details and redeem your coupon code if any (for details regarding the COUPON CODE, please refer to the section 6 underneath). Please click at “CONFIRM” at the end.

    (7) Please have a final look on the “SUMMARY” page after the “CHECK OUT” page mentioned above. Once you agree with this summary, including product item details, shipping address, shipping special request if any, billing address, order details and payment amount. Please click at “MAKE PAYMENT” and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

    Special Notes:

    (1) If the amount of a single order exceeds the equivalent of USD 50’000, LIFEMALL’s customer service will help you to finalize the payment. Please note that all orders cannot be delivered until you have successfully completed the payment process.

    (2) LIFEMALL’s third party logistics companies will deliver products from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Sunday (except national holidays). Delivery is normally performed within 3-15 working days after the order is successfully placed and the relevant payment is duly made. Delivery arrival time may be slightly long due to the international logistics and distribution cycle. In case of customs inspection, more time will be needed, we thank you for the understanding in advance.

    (3) Products will be allotted to customers who have completed the payment on a first-come first served basis. Orders confirmed by the brand suppliers, but which payments are not made within 48 hours, will be cancelled automatically by the system. Please check your order under “MY BAG” page and make the relevant payment on time.

    (4) Your order will become effective only after you complete the payment process and receive the relevant confirmation by LIFEMALL, and the purchasing contract between you and LIFEMALL (a company registered in Geneva, Switzerland) will become effective from such confirmation. The language of the contract is either in English or Chinese. Please provide a valid email address in order to receive information on the product’s availability and the confirmation of the payment.


    (1) Under some specific circumstances, LIFEMALL reserves the right not to accept your order. For example, (a) if we can’t receive your payment; (b) if certain products cannot be imported due to customs policies or new practices; (c) if the products you have ordered are not available in stock or can’t meet our QC criteria; (d) if you are not compliant with our TOS.

    (2) We also reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to process a transaction, or to refuse to provide the services to anyone at any time. In any of the following cases, we take no responsibility to you or to any other third party: (a) for removing any products (whether or not the products are sold) from our website/mobile application; (b) for deleting, filtering or editing any information or contents on our website/mobile application; (c) for refusing to process a transaction, or starting to process a transaction and cancel the process, or suspend any transaction. Please contact LIFEMALL’s customer service at [email protected] in order to receive clarification on the reasons of any operations mentioned above. LIFEMALL will keep all of your transaction records for at least one year.

    3. Shopping Eligibility

    (1) To purchase on LIFEMALL’s website/mobile application, you are required to provide your true, accurate, valid and complete personal information, such as name and surname, telephone number, email address and any other requested necessary information. In addition, you must ensure that the payment information is correct and valid.

    (2) If the products you are purchasing on LIFEMALL are imported, they must go through customs clearance formalities and procedures. Under general circumstances, customs will require a copy of your ID card and any other identification documents necessary for customs declaration (such as proof of the payment for the relevant product(s), LIFEMALL’s invoice, etc.).

    (3) Purchases on our website/mobile application can be made only by such individuals or non-individual customers: (a) who have been qualified by LIFEMALL as eligible to purchase, (b) who possess a valid credit or debit card issued by banks accepted by LIFEMALL, (c) who have authorized LIFEMALL to debit the relevant payment amount from their credit/debit cards and provided that LIFEMALL has accepted to proceed with their authorization. Regardless whether you purchase the products for your own personal use or as a gift for others, such products cannot be re-sold, neither used for any other commercial purpose.

    (4) In addition, you allow us to disclose your personal information to the relevant authorities or institutions in order to conduct appropriate anti-fraud inspections. To this extent, please note that such relevant authorities and institutions might keep your personal information in their database.

    For further details on the usage of your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

    4. Size Information

    There is a big difference in size between brands that we sell. To help you choose the most suitable size, you will find the “SIZE GUIDE” and “DISCOVER YOUR SIZE” functions on the product page. The recommended size by our functions is only for your reference.

    If you need assistance in this respect, you can send an email to t [email protected]. Our customer service team will answer all your questions related to sizes. LIFEMALL suggests you to read our RETURNS & REFUNDS Policy before you place an order.

    5. Package

    We will maintain the original packaging of the products from any brand purchased from LIFEMALL.

    6. Customer Rewarding Activity

    (1) New Year Gala (coming soon)

    To reward our Black Diamond & White Diamond VIPs, LIFEMALL organizes New Year Gala annually. Please pay attention to our Newsletter for the details.

    (2) Coupon Code

    From time to time, we reward our customers with a coupon code. When you make the payment for your order, please follow the instructions to redeem your coupon code:
  • Click at “SUBMIT” in the coupon code box present in the “CHECK OUT” page;
  • Type in the coupon code in the relevant pop-up security page and click on “Submit”;
  • Check the discount information granted for your order and then you can proceed with the purchase by clicking on “CONFIRM”;
  • If a coupon code has an expiration date, it must be used before the relevant expiry date.
  • A coupon code cannot be used together with any other preferential treatment and it is not applicable to special offers.    
  • 7. "ACCOUNT"

    After you become our registered user, you will have access to “ACCOUNT” section in order to:
  • Track record of your order(s), and review your order(s) history;
  • Apply for RETURNS & REFUNDS;
  • Add temporarily sold-out products or your favorite products into your “WISHLIST”;
  • Receive our Newsletters and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest information on the new arrivals;
  • Save your address and the payment information, to make your future shopping more convenient;   
  • Manage your account information, address book and email address;
  • Manage and use your bonus points.
  • Please click on “SIGN UP” to create your LIFEMALL account.

    8. Forgot Password

    In case you forgot your password, please follow the instructions under the “Forgot Password?” section, which is on the same page of the “SIGN UP” page. For safety reasons, you will be required to reset your password through a link that will be sent to your email address provided at the “SIGN UP”.

    9. Payment and Security

    (1) Payment Methods
    For purchase on LIFEMALL website/mobile application, you can pay with Global Card issued by LIFEMALL, or Visa card, Master card, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay (credit or debit card), or other methods of payments indicated on LIFEMALL’s website/mobile application. In order to use the above payment methods, you shall be the legitimate owner/holder of such card, and in case you are not the legitimate owner of holder of such card, you must have a clear legal authorization to utilise such card from the owner of the relevant card. All the cards must receive security verification and authorization by the issuing bank for each payment. If the issuing bank of your card refuses to validate or authorize the payment, LIFEMALL will not be liable for any non-delivery or delay in the delivery.

    (2) Price Indications
    Our product price is executed at the official price of the place of purchase. It comprises of product price after-VAT, shipment fee, insurance fee and LIFEMALL’s service fee (insurance fee and service fee are only for Customized Services category). LIFEMALL’s customers can enjoy different VAT return policies, which are reflected in the final purchasing price, according to different countries of the products’ origin and destination. Any products with official price lower than the tax free limit of each country, cannot enjoy the VAT rebate. The official price of the product is shown in CHF. The final purchase price is calculated in CNY, USD, GBP or EUR at the exchange rate of the date on which the issuing bank executes the payment in relation to the transaction.

    (3) Price Adjustment Policy
    The prices of the products on LIFEMALL may be subject to adjustments due to currency exchange rate but will not change after your order is confirmed by LIFEMALL.

    When a product is sold at a temporary discounted and reduced price, LIFEMALL will not be able to adjust the price. If a product is purchased at a discounted or reduced price, you cannot enjoy any eventual further discounts or reduced price adjustments for the same product.

    (4) Invoice Statement
    As LIFEMALL SA is a company legally registered in Switzerland, we are not able to provide you with invoices issued under your country’s tax laws and regulations. We will provide you with our invoices issued under the Swiss tax laws and regulations. Please contact LIFEMALL customer service[email protected] for any requests on the invoices. LIFEMALL’s invoice is based on the actual purchasing price you have paid.

    When you buy a Global Card or a Gift Card from LIFEMALL, we will provide you with an invoice for an amount equivalent to the value of the relevant card purchased. No additional invoices will be issued when the Global Card or Gift Card is used for the purchases. If a product’s price is higher than the Global Card or Gift Card’s balance credit, an invoice for the additional amount paid will be issued.

    (5) Payment Security
    We will adopt various effective measures to ensure the information security of LIFEMALL’s website/mobile application, including your personal data, orders and payment information. LIFEMALL uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to make sure you have a safe, easy and secure shopping experience. All the online transactions executed through credit/debit cards are connected to the online payment gateway or bank-specific payment interface.

    (6) Website/Mobil Application Security
    To ensure you a safe and easy shopping experience, LIFEMALL adopts SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. This technology is able to encrypt and protect the data you send to us via Internet. When SSL technology is enabled, you will see a lock symbol on top of your Internet browser page, and you will be able to check the digital certificate registration information of the SSL technology by clicking on the lock symbol.